Hawaiian Colon Cleansing is a holistic detox cure with herbs that solve the deposits in the colon and a way to purify body, mind and soul.


Why should you do a Colon Cleansing Cure?

The "Body Level" :


Every day we brush our teeth, wash our body, do the laundry, clean up our apartment, polish our car... but how about our intestines?

Nature designed our metabolic system to clean itself. In our western world it has been common for decades to consume artificially preserved, irradiated or otherwise processed food. This habit is significantly creating a lot of toxic deposits in the colon. Also by lack of chewing and salivation, as well as by often false combination of the meals, it is difficult for the body to digest food properly. Thus, the undigested fermenting chyme is often simply pushed further into the intestines.

Our intestines excrete mucus to protect the body from toxins. Usually this mucus can be washed away easily by the pancreas secretions. By consuming mucus producing food as meat, fish, sugar, diary products, alcohol, canned goods etc. but also soy products and cereals our pancreas is no longer able to release it. By this way sediments in the intestinal tract are built up layer by layer, and finally they solidify and harden. You can compare this to a drain tube where over the years more and more coatings are adhered to the walls.

Many people´s intestinal walls are covered with accumulated faeces. These deposits consist of brown to almost black sticky, tough, sometimes rubbery substance of undigested dried food residues. So the nutrients, vitamins and minerals included in the food cannot be properly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa. The body craves for more food and is downright "starving" in front of a full plate. Also the body overacidifies which is creating health problems.


What changes through the Colon Cleansing on the body level?


The body becomes purified and detoxified. The coverings of the intestinal mucosa will be removed layer by layer. So more nutrients can be absorbed by eating less. The food will pass through the colon in less time and the pH-value will become rebalanced.

In the colon you find 75 % of the immune system. By cleaning the colon and rinsing out the deposits and toxins the self-healing power increases step by step. Even the small intestine, the stomach, the liver, the kidneys, gall bladder and lymphatic system will be cleaned by this treatment, although the main focus is on the large intestine.

Usually it takes about 10 Colon Cleansing Cures to come back to a "virgin" state of the intestines, which of course depends on age, level of toxication, as well as previous and  following nutrition.

If our colon is clean the whole body and also our outer life is in the flow. However, if the larger intestine is blocked we will experience this also on all other levels.

Therefore, let me introduce the second important reason for a Colon Cleansing:


What else happens during the Hawaiian Colon Cleansing?

The mental, emotional and spiritual level


The intestines are closely connected with the central nervous system. In the colon, our "Second Brain" memories of old experiences are stored. Our emotions are also positioned here.

If we clean the intestines intensively on the physical level, often old, unresolved issues and emotional injuries are emerging, which also will be released. Body, mind and soul are closely connected. Thus, by cleaning the intestines we can also clarify emotional and mental issues.
The heart becomes lighter and the mind more clear.

Therefore, during the treatment it can happen that someone for a few days feels and acts like a "wounded little child"  in order to look at the old injuries and release and heal them. Even defiance, anger, sadness and other emotions from the past may come up again to be felt and than released.

By the way of supervision during the group meetings, but also by individual appointments, these old issues can be released in peace.

For some people it´s difficult to accept themselves and their bodies, the way they are, to move, to express themselves in motion and, also for this during the group meetings you are offered  to go beyond your self-imposed limits, to discover your own potential and new things about yourself to come to that point to live your true self more and more.

Many people arriving at the cure are exhausted by their job requirements and during the first days of the treatment they want to sleep as much as possible. Their body now recognizes the opportunity to recover and wants to take advantage of it. The recovering is well supported by meditations and exercises and this may inspire for the time after the cure. 

By cleansing the colon you may gain mental clarity. Formally obscured paths of life may  appear much clearer.

In our competitive society, we often wear different masks in order to be recognized and to survive. During this week you have the opportunity to drop your masks and to present yourself the way you really are without having to worry about being judged or condemned.

Often I experienced how a group of strangers who come together in the beginning of this week - with all their uncertainties and protective behaviour - grows into a small family where everybody more and more dares to open up and show themselves the way they really are. More than once this week was the beginning of deep and closed friendships - even over long distances.


What is the daily routine during the Hawaiian Colon Cleansing Cure?


Every morning at 7 o´clock the group meets four about one hour to drink the salt water. Afterwards there is plenty of time to use the toilet, to drink the fresh water, to shower, to rest etc.

Later in the morning we have a group meeting for 1 1/2 to 2 hours including the sharing of experiences, teaching, conversation, meditation, movement with music, exercises and creative activities for intensive self-awareness in order to support the mental, emotional and spiritual process during the Colon Cleansing Cure.

At 1, 4 and 7 p.m. you will drink the herbs with diluted juice in a relaxed atmosphere. We accompany this time with conversation. Nutrition will be an important subject during this week.

Between the "meals" there is free time at your disposal. During this time, you have the opportunity to book individual sessions to support the cleansing process on different levels.

We end the week with a common fast-breaking during the final group meeting - each time a celebration with tasty delicacies!


Feel welcome to read in the guest book how former participants experienced the cure.



What kind of single treatments are available during the cure?

  • Releasing: Letting go of old patterns, fears, traumata on the inner level. (More info:
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage: relaxing on all levels, releases the deposits of the tissues and brings the energy back to flow.
  • Energy Work: brings relaxing balance and activates self-healing powers.
  • Card Reading: helps to get clarity and shows opportunities for a new path.

During the cures I run together with my colleague Corina Angrick the following treatments will also be available:

  • Energetic Measure and Balance with Bioresonanz (SCIO)
  • Individual Nutrition Advice (in combination with SCIO, if available)

Detailed informations about the single treatments you find on the webpage.


Feel free to contact me, if you have more questions.



Here you will find an interview (in German language).


I hope, you feel inspired. I look forward to meet you in one of our groups or for a private cure. You are always welcome.


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